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Chaparral Kirtan Band offers an acoustic style and devotional experience that is rooted in the wide desert and open sky of Southern Arizona. Led by Gabrielle Pietrangelo, who shares her angelic voice and original heart-opening music, Chaparral Kirtan Band's sound is a heart centered exchange between female and male voices, accompanied by a changing group of instruments including, tabla, harmonium, guitar, bass, banjo and violin. The group has toured regionally through Arizona and New Mexico, and will be featured on Pietrangelo’s yoga-inspired album, to be released summer solstice of 2019.

An evening with Chaparral Kirtan Band is filled with beautiful song and opportunity for Bhakti yoga, the heart opening practice of call-and-response singing, which guides participants in achieving an elevated state of consciousness. Most people walk away from an evening of kirtan with a greater feeling of inner peace and compassion. The traditional Sanskrit mantras in combination with original folk-inspired material, holds a container for people to sing together and experience waves of emotions or moods, that lead to an enhanced sense of connection.

What makes Chaparral Kirtan Band unique is the group’s blend of eastern and western musical tradition. Pietrangelo explains, “Because each of our members come from different backgrounds with their own set of musical skills, our sound is a fusion of folk, Americana, Hindustani and classical traditions. Everything we play is influenced by our surroundings – the wide, open sky and lush Sonoran Desert near Tucson – so we sound like where we come from. ‘Chaparral’ actually means southwestern but it’s also the word for creosote, the plentiful desert shrub that fills the whole Tucson basin with the most amazing smell when it rains. It smells like coming home.”

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