Writer's Credit:

Gabrielle Pietrangelo
Wake From This Dream (Aria Records) BMI 1999
Gabrielle Pietrangelo
Twitch a Rock-Opera From the Earth (SlowBurn Records) BMI 2002
Old Soul Sisters
Old Soul Sisters (Bucket in the Well Music) 2006
Silver Thread Trio
Silver Thread Trio (Old Bisbee Records) 2008
Silver Thread Trio
Tucson Songs Compilation (Le Pop Music) 2011
Silver Thread Trio
Trigger & Scythe (Prophette Records) BMI 2012
Sister Solace
Sister Solace (Bucket in the Well Music) 2017

Performer's Credit:

Marianne Dissard
Les Chansons de la Nouvelle Scene Francasise (Le Pop Music) 2010
Brian Lopez
Ultra (Le Pop Music) 2011
Amos Lee
Mission Bell (Blue Note Records) 2011
After Night Came Sun (Four Miles Music) 2011
Silver Thread Trio
Luz De Vida, a compilation to benefit the victims of a Tucson tragedy (Ft. Lowell Records) 2011
Y La Orkesta
Mambo Mexicana (Cosmica Records) 2012
Howe Gelb
The Coincidentalist (New West Records) 2013
Marianne Dissard
The Cat Not Me (Vacilando 68’ Recordings) 2014