Founded in the fall of 2015, with direction and arrangements by musician Gabrielle Pietrangelo, Sister Solace features luscious vocal harmonies and retro stylings drawn from the American and Appalachian musical traditions. From ghostly ballads to songs of love, loss, and redemption, this unique ensemble of 13 Tucson voices, a cappella or adorned, with minimal acoustic guitar, bass, or violin, re-invents the past into a dreamy, gorgeous, now.  

With an emphasis on community and collaborative effort, Sister Solace performs only one special and not-to-be missed concert event this year. Music that haunts, punctuated with the occasional gospel and sing-along (in the spirit of Woody Guthrie), all of it polished straight up into shine. 



Sister Solace released their  first title CD in May 2017, which was recorded live at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and mixed & mastered by Jim Waters at Waterworks Recording Studio. The album features Pietrangelo's original harmony arrangements inspired by the American folk tradition. The group is working on their next release which will include songs from their next performance on Friday, April 26th at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Sister Solace   performing at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

Sister Solace performing at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

Please consider supporting Sister Solace’s venue cost fundraiser! Your donations will make all the difference in covering the cost to rent the Scottish Rite Cathedral, pay our guest musicians and hire a professional sound engineer for the show. If you are a local business owner please also consider a $25 sponsorship placement in the program! Contact Gabrielle for more info.


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