"Gabrielle is a talented educator who has a skill for meeting students at their level and challenging them to grow. She has a big heart and that shines through in everything she does. It is remarkable to witness her music recitals and see the many styles and strengths of her students. Gabrielle has taught my son piano and voice, and my daughter beginning guitar. She teaches the skill but also nurtures a love of music."  
~Mary Werner, Program Coordinator,  UA College of Education (Outreach and Communications)

"As an older adult longing for soul food via music, I found Gabrielle Pietrangelo. At our very first class when I couldn't decide if I wanted to learn guitar, piano or singing, she guided me to my now beloved ukulele. Such joy. I bring to her the songs I've loved and she teaches me the chords and the strums. And the icing on the cake - we sing together. Gabrielle's warmth, bubbly energy, clarity of form and patience, have manifested an extraordinary teacher of music. Such a versatile talent is rare to find. I hold her in highest esteem and with great gratitude." 
~Molly Wheelwright, PA at Cushing Street Family Practice

"I first met Gabrielle during the recording of her band, Silver Thread Trio. We became friends and have continued working together on various musical recording projects through the years. My daughter, Julia, has been taking voice/piano/ukulele lessons now for going on five years and really looks forward to her musical explorations and studies with Gabrielle. Not only is Gabrielle an excellent teacher, but she is also a great musician and vocal arranger, and she brings an array of musical skills to her students."
~Jim Waters, Sound Engineer & Owner at Waterworks Recording Studio

"My two daughters have been studying music with Gabrielle for several years, and have grown tremendously as musicians and performers. Gabrielle offers such breadth and depth to her students.  Not only does she teach music theory and a wide variety of instruments and voice coaching, but she also encourages her students to learn to harmonize with other musicians and to challenge themselves to explore new genres of music. Her twice-annual music recitals are a diverse and creative expression of her deep love for music. Gabrielle sets a fine example of professionalism and innovation in her field, as shown by her work in her own band Chaparral Kirtan Band and her leadership of the Sister Solstice choir. She is also just a joy to work with on a personal level and has proven to be a source of personal growth and healing in our family." 
~Rebecca Crocker, Phd., Research Specialist, School of Anthropology

"Gabrielle strikes the perfect balance of warm, playfulness and structured technique. I've been so impressed with the sensitivity she has to tap into the natural joy that my eight year old son, Henry, has for music. She helps him to find the music that he loves, which gets him motivated and passionate to learn. He is learning fast, and sounds beautiful while he sings and plays his guitar. I see, before my eyes, how his music lessons are helping his brain development and his confidence. I am proud of him, and so grateful to Gabrielle!" 
~Sarah Cotten, Integrative Health Specialist, Owner at Gut Instinct Wellness

"I have been taking voice lessons from Gabrielle for about 2 yrs. I started because I have always loved to sing but mostly did it alone as those close to me were less than enamored with my tonal abilities. But now 2 years have passed and I am so proud of my singing voice. And I owe it all to Gabrielle. Although I have achieved my initial goals in taking lessons, I will continue as the challenge is actually a joy to me. Gabrielle is an excellent musician who can easily accompany me on guitar or piano for any song I choose. She is an accomplished musician and also directs a vocal harmony group. Her voice is pure angelic. I have heard her genre range from country western to Broadway to Appalachian and Eastern European. She is a true gem!" 
~Ricci Silberman, PA at Cushing Street Family Practice

"Gabrielle is a top notch music teacher!  Our family has been delighted to have her musical influence in our lives. We were first introduced to Gabrielle when she was the music teacher at our children's elementary school.  Her musical performances would bring tears to the parent's eyes as she used songs we knew and ones that we couldn't wait to learn. Then my kids began private lessons with her and have spent the past three years learning the piano. At Gabrielle's recitals she crafts an experience for both students and families, where students can play and sing a favorite song in a creative and kind atmosphere.  My children have also attended her song camps in the summer.  Being in her zen-like home immediately gives you a sense of calm and focus.  The kids get to bellow out old Woody Guthrie songs and sing to their own beat, while learning how to listen and perform from the heart. Gabrielle embodies mindfulness, encouragement and professionalism which is why we keep coming back. She has created a very cool community environment that keeps students and families excited for more music!" 
~Guinn Kappler

"We were fortunate to have met Gabrielle eight years ago when she was our daughter’s music teacher in elementary school. Gabrielle enriched our daughter’s learning experience through her voice, music, song, and storytelling. She often played guitar and sang at community gatherings, engaging the children and parents which has left fond memories. She also was instrumental in taking students to a recording studio where they recorded a song Gabrielle helped them write. Our daughter has been studying guitar under Gabrielle’s instruction over the past five years. She has a very supportive teaching style which has helped our daughter’s growth, not only in her music, but also in overcoming stage anxiety. We appreciate the exposure to different music genres Gabrielle offers and her positive home learning environment. The music recitals are truly a joy! Watching our daughter and all of the students, reminds us how special music is and just how special Gabrielle is. We are incredibly grateful for her mentorship." 
~Wendy Islas, Retired Probation Officer Supervisor  & Al Islas, Attorney at Law

"My daughter Lucie attended Gabrielle's Song and Art Camp two summers in a row. Gabrielle and Gavin have created a rich program in a welcoming and comfortable space. Gabrielle chooses wonderful songs for the kids to learn-- from popular folk songs to little-known gems. Lucie has shared many of them at home, and some have become favorite family songs! Gavin is a gifted artist and teacher, who is able to teach young children about color, line and composition. I was amazed at the beauty of the paintings Lucie did! Her favorite's were a self-portrait and a still life. Lucie enjoyed the social interactions with the small, intimate group. She looked forward to camp every day, and at the end of the week, was proud to come home with a CD recording of the campers singing, a song/coloring book, a handmade sketch book, and many beautiful watercolor paintings." 
~Linda Biederman, Tucson Waldorf School Parent