Yoga Bio:


Gabrielle Pietrangelo is a musician and singer, who has been exploring the practice of yoga since 1998. She began teaching at Tucson Yoga Studio in 2008 and completed her Yoga Alliance certification in 2014 at the White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Her yin yoga teaching is inspired by Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.

Gabrielle's hatha flow sequences are rooted in vinyasa, linking movement with breath and are balanced with the longer held more cooling poses of yin yoga. Her teaching incorporates concepts from Chinese meridian theory, chakra theory, mantra and Buddhist meditation. Gabrielle makes space for silence, following the wave of breath and deep listening in her classes. Her intention as a yoga teacher is to facilitate community asana practice while honoring and encouraging the internal awareness and unique edges of her students. 

With her background in music, Gabrielle gracefully weaves both western and eastern sound tradition into her classes, leading mantra with her students and singing sacred songs during savasana. She hosts a seasonal kirtan at Tucson Yoga with her group Chaparral Kirtan Band and is currently working on music for a yoga themed album. For students interested in learning more about the sound traditions of yoga, Gabrielle is offering a seasonal workshop at Tucson Yoga and also offers private chanting & harmonium lessons.